About Luxe Bride

Luxe Boutiques and Luxe Brides are on the same page. We want to work with the best designers; we want beautiful wedding clothes; we want impeccable quality. We demand great provenance, deserve a little luxury and still want value for money. We love great shopping experiences; we mix our high and low brands. We have our own style, we have our own opinions. There are many media outlets for mass market, but our speciality is the Luxe bride.

We know her, for she is us

Boutique Finder

The main feature of the Luxe Bride website is our unique Boutique Finder tool. This is unlike any directory you've used before and it's so much more than a simple location based supplier finder. Our aim is to match brides with their wedding stylist soul mates. The Boutique Finder offers a huge variety of filters and categories so that you can tailor your search to help you pinpoint your ideal experience; magpies can find their sparkle, classicists their understated elegance and new bohemians their bridal spirit guide.

The Blog

Featuring unique & original content generated by Luxe Bride retailers, the Luxe Bride blog showcases high end luxury bridal fashion, wedding inspiration and designers alongside useful tips and advice, interviews, thoughtful discussion pieces and exclusives. The blog is the place to go to for dedicated luxury bridal fashion inspiration, knowing you're only going to find high quality content that you want to see. Click here to read.

Mailing List

Our monthly newsletter for brides to be, which features exclusive content from our boutiques. You'll also receive event invitations, early access to new collections, interviews, tips + advice, special promotions, fabulous bridal fashion inspiration and more. As an additional perk, you'll also get a £100 accessory voucher to use at any of our Luxe Bride member boutiques! Register here.

What is a Luxe Retailer?

Luxe Bride boutiques have to meet some strict criteria to qualify for membership. Financial stability and technical expertise are essential. Beyond this you will find at a Luxe Bride boutique are as unique and personal as you, the bride. Under this stylish Luxe Bride umbrella, however, you will find boutiques that are unified by shared qualities;

  • Passionate about bridal fashion
  • Understand the needs of today’s bride
  • Deliver luxury, fabulous design and impeccable service
  • Love to create nurturing and inspirational retail environments
  • Have their own opinions, tastes and preferences as individual as the brides they see.
  • Celebrate the diversity of their brides
  • Work within the Luxe Bride community to embrace new trends & ongoing learning
  • Sensitive, thoughtful communicators
  • Store owners that are collaborative free thinkers
  • Ready to change the world one dress at a time…

When working with retailers, we aim to;

  • Promote the best small independent luxury boutiques in the UK
  • Celebrate our diversity of taste of our members
  • Create a private forum for ongoing training across diverse areas from digital marketing to HR and beyond
  • Discuss the evolving and changing world of luxury bridal retail
  • Define best practise & expertise
  • Forge relationships with the wider wedding media & community
  • Develop a unified voice to speak on behalf of our niche market sector
  • Provide a private safe haven for retailers to speak freely
  • Encourage and support new ideas
  • Support members through challenges & congratulate successes